Mission Statement:

We consider it a joy and blessing to work with people of all ages. Our belief is simple: To create a safe, nonjudgmental, caring place where everyone we see not only feels heard, but understood. To walk beside each person we work with in order to help them reach their goals. Ultimately, we want them to believe that when they VALUE themselves, they can CREATE their own happiness.

Internship Opportunities

To learn more about internship opportunities, please email Mickenzie at Mickenzie@thrivecounselingohio.com.

Drug & Alcohol Assessments

If you have been referred for a drug and or alcohol assessment, please call our office and get scheduled with Kary Prince.

"Amazing counseling center. I have seen Elyse for going on 4 years and she by far one of the best in the business. Everyone in her office is just as amazing and very welcoming. Even if you don't connect with the first person you meet with, they will help you find someone who does connect with you. If you or you know someone in need to help definitely call Thrive Counseling for an appointment."

Katherine S.

Get Compassionate Youth Counseling in North Canton, OH

When life is getting you down, you're not alone

Everyone faces a unique struggle on their journey and at times, those challenges can feel overwhelming. Thrive Counseling Services knows that, and is here to help you overcome and find your happiness. We strive to provide a safe, compassionate place where kids, teens and families can be heard. Our counselors are always available to assist you on your journey, and truly want to connect with you. That's why we offer adjustable hours and adjustable fees - to give kids, teens and families counseling services when they're needed most. All of our counselors are specially trained and certified to provide the best treatment for our patients. Click or call to learn more about what Thrive Counseling Services can do for you.

When You Need a Friend, We're Here for You

Open up with a North Canton, Ohio counselor who understands

At Thrive Counseling Services, we've seen people like you come back from challenges to lead happy, successful lives. Our counselors work extensively with patients of all ages and types to help them bounce back, and work with doctors to provide the appropriate medication for various disorder types. Our certified counselors are here to help you reach your goals, provide a listening ear and guide you towards a resolution to manage a variety of issues. Thrive provides counseling services for:

• Depression
• Developmental disorders and delays
• Anxiety
• Adjustments disorders
• Divorce
• Eating disorders
• Family issues
• Emotional disorders
• Self-harming
• Attention deficit disorder
• Anger management

Our counselors are experienced in handling all of these issues, and many more. Learn your worth and to value yourself again with the help of the Thrive Counseling Services team. Schedule an appointment today.

Insurances We Accept:

Chesterfield Resources
Health Smart
Medical Mutual
Mutual Health Services
Ohio Health Choice
Tricare East
United Health Care/United Behavioral Health

Internship Opportunities

To learn more about internship opportunities, please email Mickenzie at Mickenzie@thrivecounselingohio.com.

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