Family Counseling, Does it Work?

In some cases, tiffs among family members can escalate or become deeply rooted issues. Attempts at resolving may be difficult without an impartial party to mediate. That’s where family counseling comes into play.


Does it Work?

The short answer is yes. Having someone to actively listen, have a safe space for sharing, and really lighten the load you may be carrying while shining some light on the situation may be the ticket you need to break through any barriers. Rather than putting a band-aid, a temporary fix for a problem your family may be experiencing, family counseling can be a sounding board to work through that problem in a positive way.

Bringing You Back Together

If you feel like you’re stuck in a loop or unable to find the right words, therapy provides that buffer and guidance to form your thoughts and get you to move forward. Whether you have a broken bond you’d like to mend or a bond you’d like to create, seeing a counselor brings you together without judgement. Looking through a new glass may be the key to a better, more open relationship.

No Guarantees

While family counseling helps you to communicate more effectively, solve issues you otherwise cannot seem to overcome, and work together more cohesively as a unit, it does not guarantee the results you desire. Transformation will likely happen, but continuing to use the tools outside of the office will be in your hands. Your problem may be simple and handled in a short stint. However, you should also prepare yourself in case anything unsettling arises that could take longer to fully put to rest and move past. Every person’s timeline is different, and family sessions mean the timeline for one member may differ from another member’s timeframe.

Ultimately, keep in mind that family counseling is a great resource, tool, and can be extremely effective at getting to the root of your problems together as a unit. If you are stuck on repeat with the way in which you approach issues and do not seem to accomplish what you set out to do in arguments, disagreements, or situations, then finding a place to share openly -- like therapy -- would be beneficial to each member of your family. Value yourself, value your family, and spread that value around the home. If you are interested in family counseling, reach out to us at Thrive Counseling and we would be happy to help you find your solutions.