The 10 Best Outdoor Activities to Do for Your Mental Health

The great outdoors. There must be a reason nature has been given this label. The list of what it provides goes on and on. And the benefits of taking advantage of these provisions are nearly as endless. An estimated one in four people struggle with mental health, and that number is on the rise. thrive-juneblog Here are our ideas for the 10 best outdoor activities to do for your mental health.

  1. Yoga Retreat: Any exercise group that meets outside would be a wonderful option, but yoga has many benefits for your mind. Relax, regroup, center yourself, meet new people, and boost your mental health all in one go.
  2. Mountain Climb: Don’t let this activity scare you. While it may seem extensive, beginners can mountain climb as well as those with more experience. With this choice, you get to focus on agility, strength, and breathing. You brain will thank you for all of those areas getting a bit of work.
  3. Walk: Nothing clears your mind and helps you reset quite like a walk. Whether that means walking your dog, going for a quicker pace, or a leisurely stroll, you will soak up some of that much-needed vitamin D and fresh air. If you live near a beach, walk along the beach and take in the beautiful view. Slowing down and taking a break is really the bigger picture.
  4. Hike: Some prefer a bit more of a rough terrain when they go out. If you have mountains or rocky hills, take a moment to go for a hike. It helps you release tension, enjoy the wildlife, and escape your normal surroundings. That mental respite is much needed.
  5. Bike Ride: Put your feet to the pedals and go! Something about the repetitive cycling motion keeps you from feeling like it’s strenuous, but the action also require enough attention that your worries tend to fade. You are bound to feel better mentally and physically with this activity.
  6. Swim: Physical exertion without the resistance of much of the other enterprises. Choose a lap swim, class, or a more casual water-walk for your pièce de résistance. Many times, putting your efforts towards a repetitive physical pursuit can solve an issue we have been fixated on mentally. Give it a try.
  7. Camp: Schedule a weekend away. Go camping and truly disconnect from the digital world. Many of the other activities in this list can be combined or added to this outing and you reap the rewards. Not only will you be able to have some fun, but you will allow your mind to reset by not staying in a constant state of what you need to accomplish next.
  8. Garden: Dig in and get your hands dirty. Becoming one with nature and nurturing a plant to life and watching the beauty bloom can do wonders for you. The pride, accomplishment, and solace from gardening may speak to your inner-self. If so, let that work be your brain break.
  9. Bird Watch: Perhaps you prefer to be a bystander. Bird watching may appeal to you. Remove the daily stresses and impending deadlines by using the many species of birds as an outlet. You can research the kinds or merely just revel in the magnificence of the different types out there with their splendid colors and variety of shapes, personalities, and chirps.
  10. Gathering: Some refer to an outside gathering as a bbq, others who may not have a grill have picnics or potlucks where everyone brings a dish. Any reason to chat, bond, and get together with friends and/or family serves as a great way to assist your mental health. You are not alone, and a reminder of that proves necessary at times.

If you need any professional help for your mental state, we at Thrive are happy to provide that with our counselors and therapists.